World's Largest Bowie Knife  
Mike Adamson Created the World's Largest Bowie Knife.
Currently Going to Submission with the Guinness Book of World's Records. (YouTube - 2:06)

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Bowie Knife by Mike Adamson & Pat Reindel

2014- The Oregon Knife Show. Mike Adamson And Pat Reindel Sr. Combined Their Bowie Collection To Create An Award Winning Display. To Add The Ultimate Item To The Display We Built THE WORLDS LARGEST BOWIE KNIFE! Taking Our Dimensions From The Display Surface We Set The Knife Length At Over Seven And A Half Feet. We Started Out With A Three-Eights Inch Thick By Six-Foot Long By Ten Inch Wide Blade. We Worked To Shape Our Clip Point Blade And Ground The Proper Edge Angle. With The One Inch Thick Rat Tail Tang In Place We Threaded The End. The Nearly Two And A Half Foot Long By Two-Inch Thick Hardwood Handle Was Shaped And Sanded And Adorned With Brass Pins And An Oval Brass Shield. We Fitted The Completed Handle Tightly To The Two Foot Long By Four Inch Wide Oval Guard. The Guard Is One Half Inch Thick. Once Mounted On The Knife - A Metal Pommel Cap Was Fitted To The End Of The Handle With A Solid Brass Pommel Nut To Finish Out The Knife. Work On The Knife Took Several Weeks From Design To Source Materials And On To Creation And Completion. We Wish To Thank The Oregon Knife Show For Calling The Bowie Knife To The Front Of The Show On Sunday For Everyone To See Right As They Came In. It Was Quite An Honor For Us.
Again Thank You So Very Much - Mike Adamson & Pat Reindel Sr.