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Mike Adamson Created the World's Largest Bowie Knife.
Currently Going to Submission with the Guinness Book of World's Records. (YouTube - 2:06)

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Hello To All Cutlery Collectors! We All Love Collecting And Displaying Our Knives. I Created This Forum For All To Show The Passion Of Cutlery Collecting. I Would Invite All Cutlery Collectors To Be Proud To Display Their Collections On This Site. Submit Photos Of Knife Collections Of Any And All Shapes And Styles. I Would Like To Add All Collectors And Collections To This Site For Everyone To Enjoy. Thank You From CutleryCollectors.Com!

Mike Adamson
Knife Collector

* Award Winning Cutlery Displays
* Former Knife Shop Owner/Operator
* Antique Cutlery Display Restorer
* Expert Cutlery Appraiser

E-Mail: snakeriverknifecollectors@gmail.com

Photo of Mike Adamson